The Merriam-Webster online dictionary literally states that the definition of unfiltered is “not filtered” or “lacking a filter.” (Gee thanks, I would have never figured that out) So let’s go to some synonyms: not modified, processed, or refined. To a person who is interested in blogging about nutrition, this seems to refer to healthier, more natural, or fresh genre of food. However, after sending the name of my website out to several friends, most, if not all of them responded with, “oh my gosh, this describes you perfectly!” (Insert facepalm emoji here) I am willing to bet that they were referring to my personality rather than anything nutrition-related.

To put it nicely, I tend to be a bit of an “open book” when it comes to sharing my own personal thoughts and stories. This might have something to do with my wicked sense of humor; when I recall events which were mortifying at the time, I tend to find them extremely funny down the road. And if you can learn a thing or two from my mishaps and adventures, why not talk about stuff publicly? My age may also be a factor; the further away from puberty I get, the less I worry about what people are going to think. I’m not completely unfiltered though; I don’t go around hurting peoples feelings, and thankfully, the blurting has also lessened with age. Though I do admit that I have spent a lot of time prying my own foot out of my mouth, especially in my younger years. (I will eventually write about life with ADHD, but for now, I’ll keep on track)

When it comes to nutrition advice, the “unfiltered” part is that I will often offer it from a “been there, done that” perspective or from a patient’s perspective (always with permission, and would never disclose personal information (referring to PII or PHI)). However, the information that I will share has been filtered through (or backed by) science and studies. You see, the difference between a registered dietitian and a health coach or nutritionist, is that we (RD’s) are licensed through the Commission on Dietetic Registration, which means there are codes of ethics and we are unable to “just say” whatever we want. So in that way, my nutrition advice will certainly be filtered. But I can still be me when I deliver it!

This was the picture I wanted to use in the “about me” section of my website, but I went with the more professional one instead.
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