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Hi, I Am Kendra Seagraves

I am a wife of many years, mom of a teen and a pre-teen, a corgi-mom, and a cat mom. But long before all of these wonderful life accomplishments, I had a curiosity and a passion for nutrition. You see, I struggled with obesity since the age of 8, and this lead me to trying every diet, weight loss program, or trend that I could get my hands on. They all had one thing in common: brief success, unsustainability, and rebound weight gain. Which lead to me developing metabolic syndrome, PCOS (with infertility), type 2 diabetes, and elevated cholesterol. As a teenager, I had subscriptions to magazines like Shape, Self, Fitness, and any other magazine that had an article that I thought could help me. Yet I was never able to see a dietitian (nor had I even heard of one) until I was diagnosed with diabetes and was sent to learn how to count carbohydrates to attempt to control my blood glucose.

Years later, I finally got the confidence to go back to school and pursue a bachelor of science in dietetics, which I will admit, has some pretty intense science and chemistry requirements. I actually reconnected with that first registered dietitian who taught me how to count carbs, and she is now my mentor! Here is a link to her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/nutritionuncaged)

I passed the RD exam on my birthday in 2017 and have been a full-time registered dietitian, who works with various nutrition-related health issues. But my heart will always lie with those who struggle to maintain a healthy body weight, especially those who have felt the desire to pursue bariatric surgery, have already had surgery, or are trying a weight loss medication. Please read through my blog posts; and people… Support each other! It’s tough out there!

What I Do for Healthy Nutrition?

I encourage you to read my blog posts, where you will learn quickly that I am no super-woman! This dietitian is simply a working mom & wife, who understands the time and financial constraints that most of us are living with. I plan to write about everyday topics to help you to live your best you! I truly believe that there is no “perfect nutrition plan” that fits into everybody’s lifestyle, rather, it is very individualized. (I highly recommend meeting with a registered dietitian, if at all possible, to come up with a plan specifically for you) But in the meantime, I hope you can enjoy the humor, mistakes, and life lessons gained over the years, and above all, laugh with me (or at me, it’s okay)!

And as always, be kind to each other… it’s tough out there!

Kendra Seagraves, RD




Michigan USA

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