Hello, my name is Kendra and I am a registered dietitian who specializes in weight management, especially bariatric nutrition and those who take prescription weight loss medications.

Unfiltered Dietitian

What are your health goals? Are you hoping to hike a mountain? Take a long walk along the shoreline with your family? Travel up and down your home’s stairs with a laundry basket without becoming out of breath? Or simply getting up off the floor after playing with the grandkids?

My goal is to help you to be Your Best You!

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What Topics Do I Offer For Nutritional Health?

Nutrition Coaching

Encouraging you to be your best you

Lose Weight

Is it simply a matter of “calories in, calories out,” or is there something else

Bariatric Reset

How to get back on track and “use your tool” effectively again

Nutrition for 40+

Losing weight after 40 can be a challenge (trust me!)

The Mind-Body Connection

Creating daily habits that will lead you to success

Kendra Seagraves, RD

Kendra Seagraves Nutrition, LLC




Michigan USA

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